Sunday , June 13 2021

Google is threatening to close the news facing taxes for hyperlinks

By mid September, the MEP voted a text support drafted in the digital era. In some of the newest, a type of tax is imposed on hypertext links. Google plans to close its news service.

The clicks of Article 11 hyperlinks in the European copyright directory are advised to apply in different countries of the Union.

Richard Ginzus, vice president of the search engine news department said An interview with The Guard He is seriously considering a company that works with Google News. In response to his European proposals,Quote extras from search results, intended to compensate worried news editors."

However, Google will have no choice if it does not take the final lesson. If Silicon Valley Company has no political power, speculative power is very important. In 2014, after the similar law was introduced, Richard Ginrass recalled how the giant should be paid in news in Spain. This decision has broken the audience of the Spanish media.

A successful and successful link to digital games

Google does not expect to be there. The main players of this European measure are traditional media, blaming Google for making Google's advertising revenue more. On the other hand, news service is an open window in their digital content.

If the Company is to threaten its threat, this effect is emerging in digital media space: loss of readers will reduce advertising revenue and the number of subscribers. In the fight against Google and Brussels, the US military is already trying to rally a number of media outlets. The news agencies do not. Because of hyperlinks, assures that its disks are drought. .

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