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Hackers have hacked 50,000 Internet connected printers to encourage people to subscribe to PewDiePie's YouTube channel

To get the crown of YouTube, Felix Kjellberg knows something about it. This Swedish video became known by publishing witty videos and theatrical video games. More than 3,593 videos, 72 million subscribers, and over 19 billion views, the most follow up in the world in 2018, its YouTube channel.

But to lose that title, indeed, an Indian channel called T-Series can cross Pudpie in terms of number of subscribers, yet regarded as the King of YouTube. After its fans gathered to support them on various social networks, Sweden may still regain their status. However, the Indian series has exploded in 2018 and according to observers, it is expected to exceed PewDiePie in the near future.

YouTube fans do not intend to keep their hands yet, one of them has gone a long way after hacking from 50,000 printers to print Pavdipi support message. This message appears as a result of a simple error that allows printers to receive internet data, which includes print commands. Detained person Hekraagaraff said the attack was behind.

On Twitter, amazing users posted confusing messages about what happened. They also published screenshots and photos of printed messages.

PewDiePie, which currently has a YouTube channel with most subscribers, will lose the number one due to an Indian company named T-Series, which simply broadcasts the movie trailers and announcements of Bollywood movies. Prints This message invites people to subscribe to Kjellberg's channel and to inform others of this duel.

The attack has brought printers from simple shops to large companies in different places. To become hackers, these printers must be connected to the Internet, the old firmware was used and print ports opened online.

Hacker said that he has run an open network port of thousands of printers worldwide. This known vulnerability allows printers to retrieve data. Hacker has reported using a tool named PRET (Printer Exploration Toolkit) which allows attackers to capture or manipulate printers, access the printer's system file and memory or even damage the device. This tool was released in January 2017 and is intended for vulnerability testing in weak printers.

Indeed, this attack is not complicated and it has been many times. The first time by the famous Wave Hacker. These attacks are based on the use of automated scripts to send print messages to printers with open ports on the Internet.

In the AMA session, Hacker said that he has only hacked 50,000 printers, but he can send more than 800,000 messages, which are currently open online. The hacker's website was informed that it was the idea of ​​browsing the site, the directory of connected devices to the Internet.

The moral of this story? If you know where you got the correct information, then it does not need to be considered a hacker. This person only searched for open printers online and entered the order found on other sites to print thousands of sites.

Source : Twitter

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