Friday , May 7 2021

Headlines | Yellow Vests: Burst their Price on Amazon

Should we see evidence of French sympathy for the movement there? Since the beginning of "Yellow Wests", the cost of this security clothing has increased greatly in Amazon Weekend sales platform in recent weeks, BFMTV report.

At the end of November, Capital It is noted that Yellow West was ranked first in the list of products sold in the Amazon Motorcycle category.

An average 22% increase

Platform uses "dynamic pricing" system: Increase or decrease of product prices based on demand. BFMTV reported that between November 1st and 30th November, the prices of the five most popular types of yellow West have increased by 22%.

Its price has increased from € 3.99 to € 5.90 in the white yellow west, from € 0.50, unbanked waste, has increased to 0.73.

Out of stock

The only online platform to benefit from social platforms is not the same: Body signs like Norotos and Decathlon confirm that they have seen an increase in yellow vests sales, Take note Figaro.

Some stores would also be especially out of stock In Pyrenees-Atlantics Or in the land, La Express says.

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