Wednesday , January 27 2021

In Tuba-MBACKÉ, President / Gallo B establishes Bibi's election committee, increases revenmial meetings, Sonka continues its charm.

The publication delivered one of its first results by the constitutional council of the final list of the official candidates for the next presidential election. In the Tuba-Mbebe mass house, the political parties of the candidates will start the first activities to take better action in the polling campaign, which will be opened in less than two weeks.
In the Mbebe, the first two weeks of initiatives taken by the Director General of the Sogip General, an agreeable Voter Committee was set up, in which Meyer Abdu Mbebe Nadao, Socialist Party's Moran Guay, model's Gomba Immortal, took part in the move. Support … chosen as the coordinator of the committee, Gallo B plans to create a comprehensive plan because there is no question of losing the "MacBay division."

In Idrisa Sec's Revisits, the first acts are to carry out the meetings. Comrades' Murder Nadiya, who believes that "Tuba will now defend the candidate Idrissa Saks", plans to go on the offensive of people living in outer areas, usually facing the real problems that exist.

For Osman Sonka, she has to continue a charming operation. After the recognition of his candidacy, he arrived yesterday on Monday and the Khalid General of Moraidas met to pray. He will avoid addressing the press and will say that he has come to thank Sirajee Mountbus Basseiro Mabebe. He then went with some other great dignitaries of the Morayed Brotherhood, including Sirigmanem Mom Mobada Moradala.

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