Monday , August 15 2022

Increase power output: two solar plants of 60 MW have been installed soon


Two new solar plants will soon begin in Senegal. This will increase the number of photovoltaic installations to eight. The job is the result of partnership in Francis, Meridium and Enchee. These three structures were built within the scrolling solar framework, combining mutual understanding of the establishment of two solar plants – Kalek (Kabak Dept) and Kalon (Kalak Department) – with 60 MW production.
On Tuesday, the deal to purchase electricity for the Shenale was sold for at least a kilowatt.
According to the estimates of managing director of the firm, Ibrahim Kane, 35 billion CAAs The Senegalese State, considered to be the franchise, collaborates with the World Bank's consulting branch and ICC advisory and ICC advisory. He said an integral part of the project by the Republican President Makki Sol, for the development of energy sector under the Senegal Emergency (PSE) project.
IAbrahma Kane informed the phone that in a new development model in partnership with the Economic Development, Finance and Planning colleagues in connection with this initiative of the Minister of Power.
In this sense, Senegalese Scientists have developed the Investment Participant to develop the Fund successfully. "So, we have participated in the assistance before the end of the first studies of contractors, the engine, a consortium of companies called Merida capital to open a tender led the Commission plan to create lines. Manage the electricity sector", pheansis managing director, and a great partnership between its structure and senilekkinum To facilitate a lost cause.
Senegal's Director General said that Senegal will strengthen its project in the energy mix. "When we combine hydel and solar energy, our park is not 22% productive," said MauMaida Makhtar Sisi.
Karl Nandia, managing director of Ceyon SA, said, "The Scaling Solar project offers around 600,000 homes a highly competitive price. The structure of the tender is the structure of the meridian-angi consortium that offers the best offer.
Both plants will start functioning in 2019.
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