Thursday , May 6 2021

Investment in Dakar Arena: When Mottafa Nias talked for Mikey Soul …

Zalimania – Chairman of the National Assembly, a member of the Bokoquan Society and politician, was not on the tool to support his candidate, MacKi Sol and his support for renewal. On the eve of his inauguration, on Saturday at the Dakar Arena, Mottafa Niaas made a statement to the rebel candidate against King and two supporters at King Fahd Palace. He maintained that Mikey Soul will definitely be re-elected in 2019.
"There is a lot of support in the support of the coalition movements, young people, women and third-party associations, not to mention Diaspora. And today everyone gives comfort to your hope and confidence. We have two million sponsors. Those who have … … we have confidence … They said.

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