Monday , January 18 2021

It would be very expensive to fire Rudy Garcia

This Sunday, the Olympique de Marseille started the year as it was away from the expectations with the game of fitness in the last year. Indeed, in the 32nd final of Coup de France, Fawcans scored two goals, against Zero-Avian stadium Geoffroy Guichard against Andradex Zero. As a result, fans have come back to Rudy Garcia, who seem unable to find solutions.

" What I saw today is unacceptable. It will be said that it is the attraction of Coupe de France. It's just the name. It's a nightmare. You have to show other values, pride, pride, which I have not seen. Decide? I do not know what you're referring to? We'll do that together. We'll try to understand "After meeting in the mixed field, the Fox Jacques-Henry Arroyad believes that his coach is not in danger.

Between 10 to 12 million to go out

However, it is the leadership of the coach who today asks some alleged people. Expanded in ZubZeretta's company last October, Rudy Garcia should not be dismissed before Monaco next Sunday. And this is for many reasons. This is the financial year for the first time, because the era will take some money to separate from the first coach of Frank McCourt.

According to ProvenceHis dismissal, as well as all his staff, will cost between 10 to 12 million euros. A big amount for JHE But the fired will cost later. Indeed, at the beginning of the season, it was his decision and guarantee to make him quick, if he had to get rid of it quickly, his image would fall into a hell. In full Mercato, one wonders, moreover, how to do it. The OM should be strong on the ground, but after the Marseille club continues on the road, the bench has begun to draw two months before then, the question of the bench will arise.

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