Wednesday , March 3 2021

Karim case: Senegal should question himself

The United Nations human rights commission has been sentenced to Senegal against former president Abdullah Wade's son.

The prosecution in the Karim code, the need to review the delicate situation and the future of our country in other countries, is clearly visible.

During the trial of the former mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sall & # 39; Coconut & # 39; & # 39; a real ignorance about who invaded the country.

The current Election Commission did not appear in the court. Especially concerning the prisoner's rights.

It was not the first time that Senegal invaded international authorities in the background of these two cases.

In these two cases, Senegal was convicted by the United Nations and ECOWAS Court.

These are dramatic cases in the context of accountability in terms of political situation to respond. They make a lot of poor.

Resisting them and judging them. Especially statements by politicians.

At the national level, this controversy is divided into two rival camps: the power and the opposition.

Today, following the ECOWAS, the United Nations has made merit and objective trips to point to a fundamental problem: our judicial system and its legislation have serious difficulties to be corrected every day. The future judicial practices have to interpret its true value and emotional server, only because this conversation is not a politician.

This is not a journalist's analysis, an opponent's conversation or human rights protection.

Thereafter, any controversy should be avoided, and the Justice Minister can not say that it should be okay.

Today, legal reforms are inevitable. There has not been any agitations for magistrates or citizens to apply for a jurisdiction, such as a criminal, to utilize this extraordinary court, or to bring our documents and laws to international standards, which we recognize. Signed.

The President of the Republic is responsible for supervising the High Court of the judiciary, a strong relationship between the prosecutor and the chancery, in some cases the systematic defense of imprisonment, the subordination of the judiciary in the executive, and the consequence of negative action is needed to have a revolutionary experience.

Contracts for international organizations to seriously violate the rights of certain citizens can not continue.

That's enough. Today, our justice deserves more than a tool that can serve even those in power.

This is the meaning of the message of the UN and EOWS. And that is how big countries get from the vintage and nationalistic filmmaking.

Because if they do not receive the existing judicial conventions, they will put in place the permanent vengeance and justice of the winners without leaving the winners.

Macie comes and the next of kin will have the first idea to find relatives.

This should be avoided in the future. Because we understand that the rest of the election competitions have taken over.

All in our country is a balanced force. Systematically crushed the weakest.

Unfortunately, Justice is often going to the armed forces to legitimize a roof with a unresolved political solution.

After the UN Secretary General, we have to ask ourselves.

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