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Kebbak with Nassa for a video called "voyou" [VIDEOCLIP]


16h43 by RomaneDvl on November 12, 2018

Beautiful duplex

Last May, Kevlaske revealed Apartment 105His second album First level. The audience took a good part of the project and some of its fragments went rolling. By this time, This Tagged It gives quality visual display.

Kebbak tells his daily routine

Within a couple of months after its release, Kebbak's second album releases. Today TaggedThe fifteenth head of the project is translated into a black clip in cars structure. In the night, Keblak was accompanied by some extra efforts, especially his team and his companion NASA for the car.

The guardian was tired, I do not need a little bit of tester / consumer I should find his address / I type in my jacket as I am in control, they work with me, but i know they hated me

"Apartment 105" is always available

French wrap has come up for three years now, and Kerblak's status will be a privilege to become the real head of the game now. In 2017 he released his first album First levelWear big tubes Bajidae, Right NISA, The subject NASA and Mr. Neither you She looks at me. May 11He was a singer and singer who signed a free music label Boya Apartment 105He wrote 29 titles of this new project. It is a great achievement that we can not find inevitably Youssefah, Nazi, Fianzo, Prostring Young Rocky Yarro etc.. Keblak may come back within a few months for a new album release with always-proven audience and proven productivity …

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