Friday , January 22 2021

Khalifa and Karim Ecovus Court • Seize •

Just like Dakar's former mayor, Karim Wade, Khalifa Sol has seen that the constitutional council rejects his candidature for President's election. In an urgent case against the Senegal state, he has applied to the Ecovas Court of Justice.

As an election campaign, Khalifa Ababakar Sol runs the judicial marathon, which has no end. On January 20, at 11pm, the Senegalese constitutional committee officially rejected the appeal filed by the former deputy and Dakar Mayor against the decision to invalidate his candidacy. The presidential election of 24 February should be held without him or without a caring wade, whose appeal has suffered the same fate.

Nevertheless, the death, kidnapped since March 2017, is not acceptable. On 16 January, his lawyers filed several cooperative applications against the Senegal state in the African African states (Ecos), Judge Justice Abuja. A VA-Tout by which she is believed to have the right to be identified as a candidate, despite having faith in a 5-year prison appeal, which is still not her last in the eyes – so she can not stop the competition.

In November, Karim Wade confessed to the jurisdiction of the first community that recognized his registration in the recognized voter list. The case has not been investigated.

Instant processing

In addition to the motion of the establishment of the proceedings, Khalifa's lawyers started a speedy procedure in the court and the court before the official opening of the campaign to be held on 3 February.

In his memoirs, Juan Afrilk was able to give advice, My Sear Claudeor Li and Demba Serb Bathley mentioned some of the scriptures for imposing themselves on the constitutional council of Senegal, and thus, eliminating President Khalifa Salman: Global Declaration of Human Rights and Citizenship, Citizen and International Charter on Political Rights, African Charter and Human Rights and Human Rights Egijha format.

In their applications, they argue that some of the principles confirmed in these texts have not been respected: re-efficiency of the laws; Individualization of proportion and sentences; The right to participate in and participate in the conduct of public affairs of their country.

Voter or not?

Lawyers really believe that by changing the candidate's deposit for a few months of election of election law, every applicant is registered in the electoral roll, the Senegalese authorities knowingly want to eliminate the two opponents: Khalifa Sal and Karim Wade.

He thinks that only the court's decision can make Khalifa as the voter (and thus a candidate) to ignore his position, and he does not have a constitutional committee to reject this right. They lastly remember that to reject the cassation appeal pronounced by the Supreme Court on January 3, it still deserves suspicious appeal in "Stop Flap". In other words, the Dakar Mayor's Court has sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, confirmed on appeal, still not the final one.


If the judgments of the ECOWAS are believed to be binding on the parties to the decisions of the states, their application has never been received later. Serigal has repeatedly called the sovereignty of its judicial institutions in the case of Karim Wade and Khalifa Salah, it seems that the President's election card is changed with the decision of Abuja.


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