Tuesday , February 7 2023

Landro Paradez put Argentine in pocket


We can say that Landro Paradise did not meet expectations. In the last Paris reaching more than 45 million euros, Argentine international has been particularly criticized for its ability to reduce the risk and reduce risk in the game. Protective, it sometimes struggles to position itself. The player previously passed by Rome is a flop in his career, and this summer departure was discussed …

But since the beginning of this Copa America, the former Zenith player is clearly unanimous in his country. Lionel Schenky's system, standing in front of defense, looks alive again. In the first match, still losing to Colombia (2-0), the PSG Player has been ranked as one of the best Argentines, who get the best rating in local media. Ole For example, he got the team's best score, 5.5 / 10.

Argentina's highest rated Argentine ever since the beginning of the competition

With their choice, we are released with players like Gieyy Lo Sales or Rodrigo Di Pole. We have a launching pad for eligail criminals who make a link between Reggaard and midfielder, which is more creative than what we saw in League 1. It is not a coincidence that he was the third player to get the biggest draw in the group stage of the competition, which is already or equal to only aggressive players like Leonard Messi or Alexis Sanchez.

Victim from Venezuela, Parisian re-admirers of Argentine media reports were praised. Clarin He was given 7/10, the second best Argentinian score behind the scorer Lotto Martínez, and went ahead "Elegance" Parisian Ole He picked his class on 8, the best score with Day Paul and Lautoro Martínez, and the class of player in addition to this great help available to Stryker Inter.

"I was struggling to be number five in the selection for a long time, today I have been successful and I am happy. It is clear to me that I am also the centennial of this team and I have to do this defensive work. I insist, I have no problem. I'm comfortable in this way "After the match against Qatar, he explained. Thomas Tuchelle probably follows his performance with attention and who knows, maybe with full summer preparation, he can return again with PSG in August …

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