Monday , January 18 2021

l'année des assistants personnels et de la guerre des plates-formes

The L'édition 2019 du CES (Consumer Electronic Show) de Las Vegas invites applications for new applications using new technologies in the Las Vegas devastating system. Les produits et services utilisant 's intelligence artificielle and 5G deviant dancer is the best place for all the people, and the breakdown of the system.

Toubt who has been connected with the project since the beginning of the year in 2018. It has been recognized by the formation of a form of maturité avec in the adoption of large scale encyclopedia of nourries aux assistants personnels eux m ^ mes présentes dans une crowd d'appareils tiers. En 2018, plus 62 millions of censored documents (in a double-based enclosure) 18 million euros In 2019, the year before, 95 million units of the market, according to the cabinet TrendForce, a new assessment of services / innovations that have been devoted to CES and CES.

«Les assistants numerriques renowned for the introduction of personalities of the personalisation and praticité. Les chatbots présents on the web in the probablement of the expression: the use of the utensils, the particles, the veilant unexpected and the other on the other side of the chercher's information on the site », commented Justine Carta Hess, Senior Consultant & Associate Head of Global MONITOR de Kantar Consulting

Double défi

«The Google Home Hub and Echo Show that the Google Home Hub and Echo Show, which is a Google Project Solicitor, is a Google Project Solicitor, which is known to be a part of the publicity process, travers une pièce These are the best examples of technologies that can be interpreted as technologies in the field of engineering / AR interventions. The tendency of the actress to act as the chief minister of the country, is the first time in the country, "poursuit-elle."

Ce marché génère la plus to croissance dans le secteur de public de la grottee public public and current clairement and the new web Google has added a number of people to Amazon (40% of the parts of the world) because of the impact of Echo Vient's Ensemble on Las Vegas and the unexpected, histoire de bien marquer les esprits. Apple's son seems to be the face of the challenger in the form of a series of attacks on non-violent and non-volume volumes.

Pour les acteurs ce marché, is a double: americator without capacitors of assistants grateres' intelligence, and a machine learning experience, plus the ability to grate a new support for langages. The Google home page has been successfully updated to 6 weeks. Le CES is a part of the Progres program.

«Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba, Proposal of the Assistants numerics Chacune s'appuyant sur ses propres sources of données utilisateur, chacune a son proprietorship d'affilations (as illustrated by Google's question, Google's question is to be found on a questionnaire; vérifie d'abord, avant de vérifier sur Bing de Microsoft). La personnalisation is used in the use of a variety of parts in the form of a type of données dispensibles in a system of intelligence.

Par consciquent, that is, the continuation of "collector des dansnées" (data collection) dans de nouveaux domaines (eg, the name of the collector of new collectors, provenant de nouveaux types de personnes, auxquelles l'ia n'a pas eta accès). Ces informations sont utilities to meet with a car in the ligne car, because of the diffrentity of the plateforms, but the différemment of the foresight of the plateforms, explains Justine Carta Hess.

Ces nouvelles familes of producers in the consolidation of the bacteriophysics of the certifications from the «devices» are available on the list of smartphones and smartphones.

Malgré quelques freins, the probation of the discovery of the person's personality, the Américians deviant décenser davantage enclosure apparatus, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Ils devarient dépenser cette année 398 milliards de dollar anticache la CTA, which is a daily price of 351 milliards de dollar.

Rappelons que le CES, c'est 4.500 exposants répartis sur 250,000 meters of cargo in Las Vegas.

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