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League (13): Atletico Madrid and FC get out on the draw after the game of Barcelona

Promotional Remoises Continues to Surprise the First Half of the Season. Solid defensive, with realistic crime, he is ranked 7th for his victory over Gingamp (2-1). Despite the arrival of Joselin Gauverneck on the bench, the Costa Rican Club will not be closed.


It was good to be late on Saturday night at August-Deluen. Stade D reams found fault after a three-minute game on a nice collective action, which was unavoidably taken by Xavier Chawallrin. It was believed that this match was already fixed because the promoted Championis relies on a good organization's defensive, which has kept its clean sheet eight times from the beginning of the season (the most major European championship in the fifth most). The first half confirmed this trend, both of which were discontented in Gangnam and were unable to move around the opponent's block.

The coaster racin team returned back with good intentions in return for the locker room of the game more directly. She got some conditions from Nathalie Julan, but Edouard Mende did a job for Reims' purpose. The locals thanked the first of their first goal, Bouillay Dia in the first leg of the match on the first ball of the match. The month was told to be good, but Xavier became unreliable in the box after Chaverrien, which allowed Marcus Thuram to restore the hope of his penalty. Hopefully that's finally futile: Remez has won the second straight win before the international league before the international match against Monaco (1-0) before the international match.

With the victory of Monaco in Ken (1-0), Gingamp is more than ever red lanterns. Butleen Gournneck will be looking forward to returning to Anne's bench for a more positive first, but not everyone has to throw garbage in the material and mind. Reims continues the good first half of his season and reaches the 7th position against the clubs. Along with 20 points on the clock, there are almost halfway for propagated maintenance and it will be able to go with peace at the Velodrome to face OM on 2nd December.

Match movie

3rd minute (1-0)
After one or two on the left with Mussa Dumbia, Ghislan Conan sends a powerful middle center. Penola found out at the spot, Pablo Chapriya deftly returned to Xavier Chawlarin and returned. The right is then applied to the right and the Karl-Johan Johnson finds a window to the left of the 16-meter, which is very short.

55th minute
ATN Detects Detect On Nath Knowledge of Defense, who remains alone against Edouard Mendy. His sting balloon is not well touched and passes on Goal Reims.

57th minute
Nicholas Benzet goes down on the right wing and sends a specific cross on the penalty box, where Nath goes on floating. Their efforts, very clean and very inefficient, are adorned with Mandy, guarded and off-road.

63th minute
At one of the centers of Musa Dombiya, Pablo Chavaria, alone on the surface of Gingampies, had fallen short in his head while Carl-Johan started to hit Johansson.

68th minute (2-0)
After a nice collective action, Pablo Chaprory serves and Bula Dia in touch. After the right control, young striker Ramois Karl-Johan sends a beautiful shot from the left to the right in the right upper right. His first goal in his first goal match in Laga 1!

81st minute (2-1)
Marcus Thuram scored the penultimate kick with the VAR after being fouled by Xavier Chawlarine on Leibogang Ferry from the 6th goal of the season with cooling.

Top and flops

Top 3

It is a league 1 player who travels the maximum kilometer per game. About 12.3 Xavier CHAVALERIN Shadows are not unreliable players. It is also a very good handler of balls, set pieces and scorers are clever in their spare time. For the opener, Pablo Chavaria put a full ball full on a tight discount. Penalty has weakened its performance for something amazing.

League 1, good day in Ghislain by a shining day at the place where one hand is held on fingers KONAN There is no possibility of making old bones in the rims. On the left side, Gymaras (Portugal) arrived this summer, it is a very good choice of recruitment bubbly. Good Defender, Ivorian International Dynamite as soon as possible in its corridor. It is in the origin of the Jawahar Chawlarin target and often connects with Moses Dumbia.

It runs less, but puts heavy emphasis on anti-defense. Argentine Pablo CHAVARRIA David Gion's Re's is very important by the goal of the device and its self-refusal. It's also decisive, because it's the same that puts Xavier Chawlarin in orbit, then Bulaway Dia on both goals of his team.

Fall 3

With Mossa Domingia and Gisalan Conan, in his hallway, Jordan Ikoko A critical evening can be scared. She did. Particularly 10 minutes after the play is taken in yellow card. The left side of Gingampam was not clearly at the party, often leaving the space and getting more space for its direct opponents. Nevertheless he started again in another act.

Karl-Johan could not do much at both the accepted goals JOHNSSON Not quite crucial since the beginning of the season. At the top, it usually does not breathe quietly. Sometimes he hesitated in his air travel, he showed defects in his foot.

From the two aggressive players in the hall, Butleen Gauveenneck likes to leave Nicolaus Benazet. Yet, Marcus Coco Locker Shot (54m) did not show much in the last part except for a long shot. He has not been a model of mind, leaving Gordon Conan and Moses Dumbia alone, leaving alone Icono alone and not always left alone.

Referee report

Hamel issued on this card occasionally got a simple trigger to increase commitment to the air against Ramie Odin (65th). They are assisted by VARA, which is a penalty obtained by the Gingampies. In his defense, Xavier Chawlarin's fault is really on the line of penalties and it is not easy to see (79th).

Match sheet

L1 (14th day) / REIMS – GUINGAMP: 2-1

Stade Auguste-Dellan (10,028 viewers)
Nice Weather – Excellent Loan
Referee like this. Hemel (M.6)

Goals : Chawlaarine (3rd) and Dia (68) for revoves – M. for Guangump. Tauram (81st)

Alerts : Romans for Rams (2G) – Iacoco (10th), Thurm (34th), Reboko (65th) and Sorbonne (84th) for Guangapu

Expulsion None

E. Mandy (6) – Foetat (5), Angels (6), Abdelahid (5), Conan (6) – Chelarine (7), Romo (cap) (6) – like this. Dombia (5) Then Nom (87m), Kafeiro (5), Odin (4) Then Dia (66th) – Chevaria (6)

Not participating : J. Carroso (G), T. Fontaine, Metanar, Ojo, Camara
Coach D. Guayan

Johnson (3) – iacoco (4), Carburt (cap) (5), Sorbonne (5), Reboko (5) – Coco (3), Deduct (6), Ferry (5), Benzette (5) Then N gabakoku (66th) – M. Tumam (5), Julan (5) Then Fiton (74th)

Not participating : Kailard (G), Che. Tror, Boudjama, G. FOFNA, TABANO
Coach Which Govarnac

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