Friday , May 7 2021

Lucas Digna has sworn that Lionel Messi is good

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Lucas Dagne (Everton), a former partner of Lionel Messi in FC Barcelona, ​​and AS Romana, believes Mohammed's advice is that Egypt is as good as Argentine.

This afternoon is the Liverpool Derby. Everton's special match for the supporters of both sides, who live in the shadow of the CFL. It will also be a special part of Lucas Digign on the left, which will target his former partner Roma Mohamed's advice.

During a visit, former FC Barcelona players did not get tired of Egyptian admiration. He compared it with Lionel Messi and Nemer, with whom he also played in Catalonia.

"I know Salah because I played a year with AS Roma, she is a classy person and a great player. I am playing football to face her opponents of Caliber, Messi, and Nemar. If I had come to England, It's a fight against the best strikers, because for me, the Premier League is the best championship. Playing big games is not good for footballer. "


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