Monday , May 29 2023

Menini challenged the team when playing in Naples.


The PSG will not qualify for the last 16 qualifying tournament of the Champions League in the second semifinal of the SSC Napoli tournament held in San Paula on Tuesday night. It will also succeed at the next two meetings against Liverpool. Belgrade Red Star. Thomas Menager, The right-wing of the Paris has already started a civil war for these two meetings.

A large LDC Meenier wants to see if there is a larger PSG.

Paris Saint-Germain is the eighth place in the last two games, with five points in four days, one point above Napoli and Liverpool. On December 11, Reds received a welcome on November 11 at the Red Star Belgrade Field Trip. And Thomas Menager I want to see if there is a team THOMAS THACHAL It has a large European capital.

"We're not calendar at the calendar level and we have players in Liverpool and home at Belgrade." When you win the first game at 6-1, you go there and say, "They can surprise us." No, kill them, we have to go there for success »27 year old Belgian International started.

"But before that there is Liverpool at home and we see the PCG is bigger in size," he adds.

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