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Mercato: Fabregas Monaco – Surrender attitude on expected anticipation of football

Midfielder Cesc Fabregas on the departure of Chelsea during this winter Mercato will soon be seen in AS Connecting to Monaco. Against the media on Monday, the Italian technical Spanish spoke about the international situation.

Mercoteau: V.

Maurizio understands the likes of Surrey Fabregas.

Without an incredible turnaround, Cess Fabregas will soon become the player of AS Monaco. At the beginning of Chelsea, midfielders were to Sunday finalize their future contract with the senior vice-president, Mongolian legend Vasilev on Sunday.

As expected, Spanish international must be thankful to the Prince of the World for a year and a half, thanks to the excellent relationship with ACM coach theory Henry, with which he all discusses 2-3 days According to Frank Arsenal, their usual adventure.

Surrey advised to leave Fabregas

While waiting for an official agreement between the two teams for the transfer, the Blues Maurizio Surrey's coach had to face the media on Monday on the basis of Fabregas. I can only give my opinion, I do not know the club's decision. In my opinion, Cesc must leave. After 30 years, we can only give it a one-year contract, we contract it for two years (Monaco, ed)Accept the Italian.

However, in the second half of the season, former FC is considered as a Barcelona player and also has the opportunity to put pressure on its leaders. I have no news about it, I do not know that he can play on Tuesday because he had a problem in the last game and must rest. I do not know whether he was in France on Sunday or not, it was a free day. In any case, if the Cesc leaves, it must be replacedThe former boss of Naples said.

Spencer is waiting

Of course, physical concern about the serenity Fabregas is diplomatic excuse. After the FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest (2-0), the Stamford Bridge crowd and its partners depart for 31-year-old bid, they will still be on rock, formalities are pending. In this case, the final seems to be, I need to be armed with a little patience before you re-engage Mongol jersey.

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