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Mercato | Mercato – OM: Departure that's going to be an attack?

Legs – Murkato – O.M.

T.M. on January 7, 2019 at 6:00 Posted by

This winter, it's OM Must move in the attack. And Clinton may be the first place …

In the first part of this, facing big problems in their humiliating field, Rudy Garcia To find a solution, you should take advantage of the summer crossover. So while Mario Ballotie Problems can be solvedOmHe has to make room for it too. This winter, Weller Germany, Costas Mitroglou And Clinton Negie Thus the announcement is made on departure. And Cameronians can actually go elsewhere.

Return to England?

In the attackOm, Can start with big maneuvers Clinton Negie. In England, it has been announced that 4 clubs will take interest in the person who has already passed to the Toasthen. Newcastle, Burnley, Cardiff And Crystal Palace The Cameronic loan will take into consideration, which can lead to a specific transfer. Njie Does he know its last moments?Om ?

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