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Mercato – PSG: Chelsea is aggressive to the cows? – Football

In search of a striker, Chelsea will make a big offer for the Paris Saint-Germain striker Edison Keane. There is no plan to depart from Uruguay this winter.

Mercato - PSG: Chelsea is aggressive to the cows?

Cave is in Chelsea's places

Mauricio Surrey wants a Chelsea striker this winter. Despite being in fourth place in the Premier League after 21 days, only 38 goals in the London club had to face offensive challenges. This is the worst attack in the top six of the standings.

Alvor Morata can double double against the Nottingham Forest (2-0) Saturday in the FA Cup, the Spanish striker will not be able to support the blues with just 9 goals in all competitions this season. There are only 5 achievements for olive grants. To solve their problem, Surrey has an idea: Edison Cave (31 years).

Offer of 56m?

According to Sunday Express, the Blues Paris is preparing an approximately 56 million euros in mid-side of Saint-Germain. In the middle of the session, under contract until 2020, the Uruguayan striker will not be liable to PCG, since there is no scope to transfer this winter.

On the other hand, London leaders can take the opportunity to prepare negotiations for next year. If Cave does not sell this winter, then PSG should be open for negotiation in six months, while Uruguay will have no time to contract for more than one year. After the episode of Adrian Rabit, Paris's leaders can not afford to make a cross on a bigger check.

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