Wednesday , July 28 2021

Mickey Land – Force Show in Senegalinfo, Habib Niang

7000 Godfathers Collected in Thais: Habib Ningang at Mikki Land's Shakti Shot

April's member Habib Niang and Chairman of the Saxali Thais Movement signed 7000 signatures for President Mikey Soul. The presence of potent personality is notable, religious, religious, this comes to the great rule. Habib Niang initiated a call for all coalition leaders, parties, support unity and solidarity. President Niang has established the "and Saxali Thais" movement since July 17, the purpose of which is to fulfill ideas and skills and to play a full part in search of well-being. It is well-known that President Habib Nang is known for his human qualities, the high understanding of social and very close people. This man has always supported the establishment, worshiping places, supporting women groups, distributing more than 1500 health books to the needy, distribution of sports equipment, social centers and training sessions and computer resources. The Godfather of this ceremony, Ahmed Tijjen B was apparently happy, as well as the Vice President of the Legislative Assembly, Abdul Maambo congratulated Habib Niang on the success of this event and got the results.

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