Friday , January 22 2021

Minister of Economy and Mimi Tourene Responding to "Artist" … (by Malang Feder)

Zalimans: The Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning, Amadau Ba, the disappointment was the most sympathetic of reading Senegal's manipulations, imaginations, discoveries and lies on diagrams. There is no scientific source.
Prime Minister, you chose to commemorate your values ​​to register falsehoods that you want to answer to the journalist's letter addressed to the journalist of Karim Maysa Wade. Reading your lines defines the nature of officials in the head of the country, because Freud is not wrong to think that "it is through our failed actions that we betray our most intimate secrets". So, I can not remember that my country is in the hands of a party that is a financial sheep. Authorities who lose our resources and who oppose critics for transparency in the management of the latest audience.
Minister, you have pointed out in your writings that Senegal's debt ratio is 47.5%. This statement is not a reality. You do not have the right to say wrong things. Senegal currently has debt up to 61% and the debt threshold fixed by UEMOA is 70%. In addition, 7356 billion collected from donors
Paris's Advisory Group at the start of this week.
How can you refuse cash stress when you recently came out of the media to ensure this situation, which economists have long been warning of? And you said two months ago that the state is 700 billion liquid.
Does not Karim Veda have the right to ask for the audit of the first phase of PES funding? You engage yourself with the name of Senegalese people. If the management was virtue, then why is this "Diophorosis"?
We still remember $ 1200 billion taken by Mikey Soul, when the National Assembly approved only $ 641 billion.
Minister, you should be ashamed to describe PES as vision. Who does not remember that $ 2.5 billion is paid to the French cabinet, who pays us to write this bogus program that is far away from Senegal's realities and concerns. What are the contradictions and contradictions in the program which is not a Minister Masters. In any case, we can not expect much from ministers, because their captain lacks courage and vision. I want to be living on Diamniadio that many see your limited vision.
I remember that former President Ika Ann Poyyne handed over the project to Dakar and Thais to join the project. When Maqi Soul was the Prime Minister, the master plan was approved by the youth named Habib Moby in the Intermanister Council. The project was to lend up to 400 billion Americans. It is true that Mikey Soul is currently doing dynamite in intellectual impersonation.
Prime Minister, if Senegalese does not experience power cuts now, then we are hoping for a Taclal Plan, which started to grow further on the day before the 2012 change. What did Karim Wade do during Eli Ngouye Ndiaye? "Minister, I leave you a field with zero-load shed". It is true that the state is a continuity, but there is intellectual honesty to identify our abilities. You are always in the logic of the reclamation of projects that you just painted.
I like Blaze Diagonal Airport, National Arena, Aguenay and Diamon Boats, which make Dakar-Ziguinchiner trip among others, the Ila Tuba Motorway, which was launched by Karim Wade, highway area toll, museum of black culture, rural electrification etc.
Minister, you mentioned to reduce the rate of electricity by 10%. I remind you that it is by inability to limit you to this level, even if this statement is far from reflecting on our invoices. Between 130 and 140 dollars, oil barrels have been experienced in Wendy with precious prices. On the other hand, during the Mikey Soul regime, barrel oil fell to $ 30. Prime Minister, why do not you have elegance to return to these realities in your comparative arguments?
Prime Minister, you have not stopped all your interventions in Peroglow to return to the rate of growth. You said 7.2% this year. What is a scientific study that determines this percentage?
In fact, Senegal's growth rate has not increased by 5% since 2012. Latest report released by ANSD dates since 2014. And the growth rate is set at 4.3%.
Minister, 56% of Senegalese is currently poorer, and 46% are extremely poor. On the other hand, 46.7% of Senegalese was poor in 2011, and 6% were in extreme poverty (ANSD official document and also in PES).
Minister, you have created the emergency management of our rule.
From 2005 to 2012, have not you been the General Manager of Taxation?
Whatever you had in Wad's leadership, you did it with him. But, by this tendency, I would not be surprised to see you one day free from all the liabilities of McKinsey's management. It's a coward. Great men take responsibility.
Prime Minister, how do you give courage in good governance?
You have experienced unprecedented financial offenses in your plan. 12 billion Bictogo, 29 million of Proden, 90% of oil from Aleutian Sol, file code, file poster, Dakar autonomous port file, then an additional charge of 40 billion for the renewal of the administrative building started from 17 billion financing, which was $ 98 billion MITTL was levied, while Senegal had to get $ 2500 billion in compensation, Tiar's return of 1200 billion, biometric ekovas card To make it to $ 52 billion, merime Faye Soul mobile is going around with ATMs, 500,000 ephasiephae female ambassadors in the monthly payments, the bank called Bank of Dakar eliu formed by the Soul of money laundering, etc. During your regime we saw a DG, where Sheikh Omar Han held a two-hour meeting at 200 million FCFA. You recently released more than 1 billion taxpayers to set up Dakar Arena for your investment. You should have added to your arguments that Mikey Sol has paid just one billion FCFA vehicles.
Prime Minister, when you write, I was shocked by your allegations and rental costs have dropped dramatically. Which country do you live in?
I do not think you are in my Senegal, who is passing through the worst moments of his life.
Do you know that some areas in our country do not threaten from drought?
Prime Minister, CMU I was scammed by your claims about and about family safety grants. You must stop these principles and respect Senegalese. Citizens who go to hospitals every day know that CMU is the worst manipulation. Hospitals will not commit themselves for a long time because of the state they give them. BSF resources that are redistributed must be used for political purposes. They are specially created for APR activists and sympathizers. None of the politically involved in the opposition is a beneficiary.
Minister, do not you know that many areas still do not see precious liquids?
Do you know that health unionists are on their 17th plan?
Do not you know that education unions have filed their strike instructions and are planning to take steps to return the holidays, because the government has not respected its commitments?
Did you know that 40,000 students are expelled from private schools for $ 16 billion in debt? But you said that the government does not have the problem of paying the debt both internally and externally.
Do not you know that the students have been killed or even killed before collecting their scholarship?
Why not mention the number of jobs you made?
Do you know that Senegal has more than 200,000 young graduates registered over two years in a year?
For Mimi Toure, no one cares about someone politically humiliated, humiliated, humiliated and deprived by his own party. It has no credibility. That's why she has pioneered herself in political diplomacy to find support. He sees Karim Wade as an existing tool. This gives justice to its baseless attack. You traveled to Senegal, and you do not want any area. In fact, you are a burden to Mikey, who understands that you are the main source of all the wicked people passing through their diet. You are speaking your oxygen, so people are running away from your infection.
Minister, you have failed in your mission of fear and lock of the candidate not giving your boss a sleep. As long as you bring so much hatred, sadness and wickedness into your heart, you will always be depressed. Come on evidence and accept that Senegalis wears, that every day passes every day in their hearts to curve mesa.
* President of Karim Movement National Integration of Students and Students

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