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Morayed Community Sergun Mbebe remembers Medina


Famous Meridian Community, this Saturday, June 29, 2019, Sarge Mbebe Madinah Meghal This pure Sufi and devoted man of God is the son of Sheikh Mohmadau Mastafa Mbebei, the first Khilip General of Moraidas (1927-1945). Take Ameenaata of her mother soak, herself, the famous and recognized scholar of Islam, Sirigne Nadem Abdurrahman Take. Sergene Mbebe was born in 1913 in Deorbel. At the end of his humanity, his father sent him to KL, when his elder brother Sergey Chen was in Fatma Nayd. The headlong of Muridiya was known for its intestinal connection to the rules of Islamic faith.

Those who had the opportunity to meet him were struck by their attachment to the underworld, futile and useless, bread and debris. He only sought his God's approval. The Qur'an was their daily life, their reading, their main occupation. On March 11, 1978, Seregan Chek Ahmed Ahmed Bamba said that his eldest brother, serigne Chekh Mbebee Gain, was called god by Fatma. As a traditional Meridian, he inherited the Khalifat of the famous family of Darou Khodods. It was thus involved in the rehabilitation of Dara Khusoshi Mosque in 1979. On 13 July 1985, the holy man was reminded of God, which covers all the murad community and the Islamic Ummah with rigidity and rigidity. His current Khalif, Sirigene Sheikh is Bombayla Babi Mbebe.

To celebrate his birth anniversary, to celebrate his Mogal, his grandchildren intended to innovate. In this way, they plan on the current topic one day before a major religious council centered this year: "Globalization and its results: What solution?". It will be developed by Sirigene Chekhov's Abdou Woodud.

Some testimonials about Serigne Mebebe Medina:

Speaking about him, Sheikh Mohmadawi Moutafa (1888-19 45) says: "I have nothing more than Sergun Mbebe in the Seagone Touba line. My effort is to serve the services given to Sergun Chekh Mbe Gainde Fatma Serigne Touba. Meanwhile, Seregon Mbebe, a bonus That is what my God has given me. "

"If Seregon Tuba has returned to Earth, then Serega does not need to change his attitude slightly. Speaking about Sheikh Moumoudou Fadel (1888-1968), the statue and behavior of the Holy Man, he said," Where we draw from He draws his holiness. "

"Here Sirigne Mbebe is definitely our son, but he is also associated with the values", in 1963, Sheikh Mohmadau Bakir (1895-1866) was added, after presenting it to President Leopold Sedar Sanger, at the beginning of the top physical inauguration.

Sheikh Abdul Ahmad Mbebe (1913-1989) declared, "Sarge is not the size of grandson in Mbei but it is the son of Serega Touba." During the burial of Sirigene Mbebei, he maintained the following: "There is no equal in the world of Sirigene Mbei, he is left here, he is not equal in the next life. Where he goes …"


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