Monday , September 27 2021

Morocco: Quality that matches industry acceleration

The FIGAm The National Quality Week in Morocco, based on the main topic on Monday, started at Roberts: "Quality of Housing for Occupational Acceleration".

The Forum organized this week included a discussion on Standardization, a basic link of standards. Morocco is the standard factor of decline, which continues to produce 1,100 standard criteria in 2018 to review existing standards, up to 50% to revise the existing standard, "he said, adding business, investments, business and digital economy, Maul Hafeet Elamalai said.

He was speaking on behalf of the Consumer Protection, Market Monitoring and Quality Assurance Department. Minister Elamami said that Rabat works to maintain quality.

We are encouraging companies to support the production of the Moroccan standard by encouraging their use, particularly through labeling and collective certification marks, "he said, as well as the" Salamatovo "label for the certification of autonomous spare parts and the safety norms.

This week, a question is asked to discuss ways to reconcile new motivation to the level of interaction between Moroccers and allies.

Ahmad Boholi, President of the UCOQ ​​for the Morocco Union for Quality (UMAQ) and his Ministry of Co-operation and Cooperation, is tasked with forming a national charter of responsibilities and responsibilities of various national higher-level committees. The purpose of prioritizing the quality.

Quality of Quality for Quality Improvement in Quality Improvement in Morocco Quality of National Quality Week and Performance to Strengthen Current Infrastructure to Improve Quality is one reminder. The competition of the Moroccan industry.

This highlights the importance of ensuring quality as a competitive lever across all manufacturing sectors.

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