Wednesday , January 20 2021

Moses had refused to call for the release of his own liberation of Stalinist transactions

Following the arrest of president of Dakara (Yukada) president of the young Khalifists of the university, Al Osseenu Sa, the other three young men of the opposition, Al-Hadji Habib Mbip, Pope Korner and Arora's Salini were selected. The Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) on Tuesday morning this morning. Khaliif Sal's political adviser and spokesman Musa Tay, a situation rejected, which convicted MacKi Sol and his interior minister for any outcome arising out of this arrest.

"In recent days, young opposition activists have been arrested and kidnapped. These methods of another era who remember the dark hours of Stalinism are not eligible for democracy," says Mussie Tai, "They threaten and confuse the population started by the enforcement of Mikey Soul He seeks his support in the will. "

Khalifa spokesman Abbaakar Salle added: "We reject these unacceptable practices in democracy and are responsible for any consequences of creating the responsibility of Maci Soul and the Interior Minister."

He asserted that "these principles have been abolished for failure because they say that there will be a weapon to deal with the terrorists' determination and commitment, because in the face of arbitrancesis, the only watch that is worth is resistant."

Therefore, "the demand for the extermination of the exiles and the political detention and the immediate end of this mafia and shameful system, only the springs are afraid of governance and governance".

He called on his workers to join the Senegal coalition Akhilifa Abbabar Salen and conclude "to be cautious and to stand up to remove this corrupt and violent regime".

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