Saturday , September 24 2022

Mutrah Fort and Singer are our favorites!


The 1,200-meter speed course will be taken by 17 sprinters over 3 years in a straight line from the track in Dau Ville, this Sunday, August 18, in the grand handicap of the 2019 sprinters. Regular and selected by P-C Baudot, Mutrah Fort announces a contender for success. He has to be wary of Singer's nominations, whose representatives in this category insist on this, on the podium of his last two attempts at this level, and the post time, which returns suspiciously. Let us then mention the Ross KST stall, in the handicapped with the most important ambitions, near the service of choice, and after Xalamea. The surprise may eventually come from Tudo BEM, which may have neglected its latest penalty, and Eurole, the fourth-placed under more value in its last outing in this type of tournament.

13 – Mutrah Strong
Dubavi's son, Mutrah Qila, won a 36-yard handicap victory in this summer's course and showed that despite his penalty, he still has his chances. He made it to the top four in his last three outings and found a straight line that he likes. Selected by P-C Baudot, its location is on arrival.

Outsider TQQ:
15 – Singer
F Head, a resident of The Singer, is just three years old at the start of this event. After the first intriguing look, he was praised for his handicap during his first step, but he did not. Now, his court does not continue in this unprecedented way. Assigned to O. Peslier for this occasion, he can make an impression.

7 – Film
Son O sis Dream, the film is of German origin. It landed on our land last fall and is in shape at this event. At his value, he finished at the podium on his last two trips at this level, and c for the desired behavior of choice. Will join Somillan. Victory is possible.

8 – Post
S. Vettel's pensioner, Post Bar, rarely disappoints in the race. He made a comeback only last month and this time his congregation is set in a shambles. In fourth place in this category in the fall, he saw his price drop by 2 pounds and T.I. The Bachelot will be assigned to them. He should fight for the podium.

17 – Ross Castle
Known for the handicapped, Ross Castle is implemented with Australian Stallion blinders. Third, recently on a straight line from Mains-Lafleet, he later confirmed with a quick access cess. In this first test it was lightweight under 1,200m. At its expense, it can cross the pole in mind.

4 – Xalmea
The son of Lope de Vega, Xalmea, should not be blamed for failing at the listed level. He distinguished himself with a handicap on the Longchamp ring, first with two podiums in the key. It f. Leads well with Blodell and his staff shortens them to hope-relief.

Mr. Boutin's student, Tudo Bam arranges a good performance. A handicapped winner, last month, was fined £ 6 on the course, but he shows up in his garden and has never been disappointed in this category. It was already e. Has emerged with Hardwin and can push its limits.

2 – Uriel
Kendergant's son, Uriel finished in Longchamp in late April following the podium of his only attempt at such a tournament. He is doing well on the track and represents his value at this level. It is a. Pair of shocks with LimaTre and feel capable of finishing in the right combination.

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