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New letter to opposition minister Ali Ngouille Ndiaye protest


Democratic and Social Front of National Resistance (FRN)

Dakar, November 26, 2018

Mr Alley Ngouille Ndiaye

Home Minister


Substance : Enrollment for voter registration


Following your letter to invite FNN member parties for the control and examination of the election pamphlet, Plenipotentiaries went there on November 22, 2018. However, for our great surprise, the only way to get voter registration is to provide standard entry screen for the voter search based on fixed criteria (voter number, first name, name, area, department, district, municipality, voting place, NIN. ).

But we forced our experts to do another mission, which was given to political parties by law, that is, "to control the general file of voters". We thought that you would put the minimum conditions in relation to the opt-outs you selected for our audited and requested you by the European Union on your request. We, in particular, wanted to report the reliability of the file based on the compositions of requests and requests that we freely created, and to verify that the file is not accessible to the odds.

Article 48 of the law of the law is always coming to understand our understanding. Between 2000 and 2012, before 2000, parties could benefit from free access to the file, and can certify current DF executives.

When we asked about our independence to define our own criteria for voting in the electoral roll, at the Director of DAF, at the spot, let us know that there are non-voter data that we have not been able to use in any way. Not accessed. He mentioned the case of the ECOWS credential number and voter signatures. This data will be data from the voter's list, not the data of the identity card.

To avoid any ambiguity, we, for all practical purposes, once again, allow the law and regulations to be remembered.

Article 53 of the electoral law states: "Ecovets biometric identity cards act as a voter card." At that moment, in our opinion, it is not imaginable to artificially separate voter's cards and ECOWAS card data.

Order to implement the Ecovas biometric card law 2016-1536, in its first article, the card contains:

  • Next, on the other hand, echoes card number, first name, name, date and place of birth, gender, issue date, end date, home address, registration center, signature
  • Back
  • For voters: N ° constituency, region, division, district, municipality, polling place, polling station, NIN
  • For non-voters: Mention "Can not Vote", NIN

For us, if the order means that the data behind the ECOWAS card is accessible only to the parties in relation to the law's application, it would be absurd for them to not be able to consult the voters' first and last name.

In addition, in the above audit report, details of voting address detail and detailed (para 6) voter numbers, NIN, ECOWS credential number, given name, nickname, gender, date of birth etc., which remove any blurring on the interpretation of data related to the ballot paper.

We, once again, respect the authority, our rights to inspect the file of the general voters as defined in section L48 of the Voter Act Act.

On your understanding, we are asking for acceptance of the expression of our high and patriotic thinking, Mr. Minister.

For FRN parties

Umar Saar

Election Commission Chief,

PDS deputy secretary general


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