Saturday , April 1 2023

Omar asked questions about Eric Semmor, "pronounce his name"


About a year after the controversy with Eric Semeru, Umar C is still not ready to talk about the logician.

The controversy was adopted in such a situationOmar Said, So in the full promotion of his new image Knock, Decided to stop everything. The facts will come back in October 2017 C France 5, Eric Semmor Responding to a statementOmar Sai In the media, he is worried about his omens. Previous controversyWe are telling lies He reacted with the character "Guggnol". Unfortunately, this device has started. After a few days Europe 1, Omar Sai He walked out of his paws and raised a jabbi well and said, "I do not want to go into the mud pigs, and the actor thought he would stop. Case

"I realized how it works"

It was a bad thought taking into consideration the reputation of the opponent. A few days later, Eric Semmor Violipar rethinking through a murder killer Europe 1 "TREPLE AND Hollywood, I know that there was no time to deal with the French language (…) a criminal, and if I believe in the media, he shook off his shoulder. Omar Sai He decided to stop encouraging his films. About a year after the start of the controversy, the actor still does not want to talk on the subject. In a long interview Jdd, Omar Sai gave preference to this requirement: "I do not want to pronounce his name and I realized how it worked and did not make his small business going into his game." The last point.

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