Sunday , May 9 2021

Open Letter: Republican Intruders (by Adama Gaye)

Is it the name of the masonic brothers to steal a brother's help? Is it not a generous international name, is humiliated by its moral values ​​on the land of Senegal, but based on this emerging or customary internationalism in this part of West Africa? Are these manifestations of the unity of arms among the standing leaders against the increasing risks, especially due to the lack of promised democracy dividends?
The fact that you are present in the inaugural function of the candidate's candidature for the next February presidential election, has not been accepted yet, many are not surprised. She shocked most of Senegalese most of her. The most valuable we have is illegal intruders: our democracy!
The day we hosted the ceremony in Arena, we are now the politician of McKinsey Soul, you, Alasne Outera, Abdel Aziz, George Wah, Edmam Baro, who insults you and violates the rules of our political game.
Already abused, such as the American invisible forces intrusion, assassination or genuinely real American victims, comes out of this episode, because they always wanted, but they always wanted to. Toxic, impenetrable forces that you conjure.
If tomorrow, because the accidental madman accidentally failed miserably, he is on the head of the country, he has already started giving the election strength, libel, judgment of these days. It seems that it will not be able to forgive your legitimacy by doing physical act of your law, by its new political entertainment.
Tell me that you do not know. Through political channels, through the dominance of your local misses, by your Senegal friends in your respective countries and in Senegal and through a wide circulation of physical or virtual, mass-driven information through communication networks, you had all the information on the dire situation of a state that you Has given a supportive hand. You have ignored the evidence of corruption of the countries of the country, by diversion of our natural resources, read our economy for the benefit of dishonesty, by an open patriotism or by a number of differences in the rule of law, an open and fair democracy You're his partner. You show restraint and lack of elegance. You have offended us in the depth of our lives.
If tomorrow, due to your unacceptable interference in our democratic game, it leads to strong voting for violence and drives a potential blood transfusion, you will be considered as a co-obligation.
It is on the African Union and all the recognized international organizations like the United Nations have to take this dangerous possession before the Senegalese nationals. To do this, by negative attitude, apart from having a break on our own democratic model's claim, Carter Blanche is to provide such a combination of bias for national economic and political sovereignty.
It is not because the inactive, illiterate, illiterate, intermediate thief is covered with the skin of the passage of the work, which should be taken to overcome the national agreement for external mobilization, noble and important neglected external forces. .
Republican infiltrators, the African Head of State, have no excuse, where Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese Communist Party is present, who can at least use wallet by their country's royal wishes. It is desperate for power when it can help emphasize the magnitude in its place that many non-African nations, including China, lead to the continent – unfortunately the culpability of Boulimia and their poor leaders reconciliation.
Outera, Aziz, Barrow, wow, have you come to disperse Senegal?

Basically, before tempting you, we point out our index to the irresponsible who will end soon to destroy our priceless democracy, especially in your dreadful countries, we envy.

Tonight, I spit on Mikey Soul, panic and scandal scales!

Ps: Handsome international leaves its
The very grand Congress Dakors have not sold their soul and its values. It must be condemned everywhere.

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