Sunday , June 13 2021

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Waste management is a major market with great economic interests. Senegal decided to develop a national law framework along with powerful sanctions to prevent anyone from falling into the trap of the co-de ivoire of importation of depressive and ecologically poisonous substances. Import or build dangerous contaminants that are not controlled.

To prevent imports and importers, government officials have been required to develop a comprehensive legislation for the management of harmful waste, through the Ministry of Environment and Monetary Development. To control the poisonous materials themselves. According to Bonafezi Kachi, sanctions are planned and the most difficult for reconciliation. "The draft law comes to" fix a problem "because the law of 2013 passes the waste management authority to local authorities in the codes of local authorities, saying that the government is willing to impose sanctions today and impede an illegal mining and illegal detention. The Ministry of Environment, at the same time, brings a functionality to the management of this cleanliness that provides a legal basis for this method.

On the other hand, this phrase raises fundamental liability. Dangerous product manufacturers are now required to deal with their own waste. "This responsibility should not be the responsibility of the state and the malicious operators at risk should be responsible for supervision, control and monitoring of their obligations," he said. Before the compulsion, "The producers of construction products are obliged to deal with their own waste because they are benefited by the marketing of their products." He was speaking after inaugurating a workshop on draft law to safeguard the dangerous waste. Municipal solid waste and environmental pollution, Tiwanan, Siguinchor (Prademed). The project is being implemented by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO), a joint project of Global Environment Facility (GFF) and the Senegal state. The second was that Senegal was obliged to change the terms of the Basel and Stockholm Convention. What's not done. There is a lesson to fulfill this gap, bringing laws to protect human health and to protect the environment from adverse environmental pollution.
The head of pollution control department in Deki is IT City Sec in Senegal, which is a problem in Senegalese especially in TV and ciguarine cities. Senegal has benefited from this project, which includes several stages and goals. One of the factors is the strengthening of legitimate and legitimate frameworks. But other factors will be included in this fight.

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