Monday , January 18 2021

Our critics believe that $ 7356 billion is a debt?

When we deal with the followers of "political politics" who have claimed to have some skills in economics, then we can only harvest refuse and other disappointments!

First, in response to an open letter sent to TFP by Karim Wade, I recall the comments made by our Minister of Economy and Planning Economy, Amdou Ba, in response to an open letter sent to TFP.

Senegal, meeting in Paris on behalf of the advisory group.
Senegal's debt, its evolution, its design, and its current level, reminds it of the public and the official way.

Indeed, in his response, he wrote: "It would be good to remind you that Senegal's debt ratio decreased from 78% to 21% of GDP in 2006. HIPC and MDRI are the country's eligibility for debt reduction initiatives, but between 2006 and 2011 This debt has reached record level with 40% or 19% of the public debt, increase in 5 years

Analyzing the outstanding loan by December 31, 2017 shows that our debt is composed of 53% loans between 2000 and March 2012 for the value of 2198.8 billion FCFA.

Nevertheless, there is still 47.5% of the wage ratio in Senegal, which is 70% below the WAEMU community standard set. On today's date, there is still a less risky country of debt crisis, especially with high average maturity thanks to its main dispatch at a lower cost of debt. The latest ratings of Moody's and Standard and Poor Agencies confirm the excellent quality of Senegal's signature. "

So, our humiliating and reckless opponents keep screaming!
And the most beautiful thing about all this is unable to tell the difference between "financial commitment" and "negativity"!

That is why they all say that the 7356 billion TFP commitment is a new debt that will increase the amount of our debt!

In their aggression, they have also forgotten that the PAP2 value of PSE2 is valued at 14098 billion, of which 9414 billion Paris has collected before the holding of Consultative Group.

The Paris Advisory Group should be used to explain PTF and privately, to agree to divide the difference of 4684 billion into two lots: PTF Expected from $ 2950 billion, and private sector 1834 is expected.

Thus, only African TFP strategic African TFP AFDB has promised to take part in $ 1500 billion, and that is for all PTF, 7356 billion, which our well-known economists have understood immediately. Senegal agreement in Perez!
You are more soft than our opponents!

1834 billion is reserved for private, our national private is already 1000 billion committed, so the amount of demand 54.5%!

However, the Doctor Economists have never stopped disclosing that our national private landmark is being sold and Senegal has been sold abroad!

They also could not understand that ADB is committed to endorse national goals with the help of $ 200 billion in achieving their goals.

But, our critics do not recognize that the amount given by TFP reflects their positive appreciation of the results of PES1 and the level of severity supporting their national privatization commitment, and it shows that the confidence of the authorities of this country, and the proportion of their PAP2 Is there.

It is tomorrow that the consulting group of Paris was successful, and Senegal could not succeed again for 7356 billion!

Therefore, the crocodile tears will be paid to defend future generations, which will be mortgaged by this so-called debt by the future President Machi Soul!

Ebrahima Sen Pitt / Senegal

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