Thursday , January 21 2021

Paris reflects on Huawei's better control measures, report Les ekos

One of the unauthorized steps will be the expansion of the approval of the National Agency for the protection of Ensign, Information Systems, the newspaper said.

Financial newspapers say that the government can take advantage of the law of passage passed by the National Assembly in the first study in October and currently in front of the Senate, to expedite its privileges, which are & # 39; Anti-Huawei & # 39; There is a need to pass the amendment.

He added that this amendment was brought together in Orange City, SFR, Free, Buigus Telecom, General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE), Arsep (Telecom Regulatory Authority) at the Bercy meeting last week, the French Telecom Federation (FFT) and Anasi

Anssi may also have the "right to withdraw" inspection, which will affect the Huwei products located in the later mobile companies (3G, 4G).

With the sales of $ 93 billion in 2017, Huawei is the world's largest telecom equipment supplier, but some western countries are concerned that Beijing will use its infrastructure for espionage purposes.

There is no evidence yet to support this suspicion, and the group has repeatedly denied the allegations. However, due to this dispute, some western countries have restricted access to their markets for the fifth generation telephony (5G).

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(Paris Office, edited by Catherine Malbeby-Wacker, Wilfrid Xbrite for French service)

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