Monday , January 18 2021

Picture of Judoka Teddy Rinor

French Judoka Teddy Riner, who was on the set of "20h30 le dimanche" magazine (Facebook, Twitter, # 20h30LD) Laurent Delhaus has resumed training for the 2020 Olympic Games scheduled to be hosted in Live Broadcast, Japan.

It is the heaviest weight of the French game: Double Olympic Champion (2012, 2016), world champion ten titles, European champions five and 144 undefeated Fights! The 2.03 meter colossus, which wears 49.5 and weighs 149 kg … or weighs 160 kg instead, at the end of its subtitle: "Holidays have been good … now we have to go back to the level."

Their Japanese opponents "make a plan" to defeat them

Teddy Rainer, 29, is used to sweat to win everything. He also prepared his Bachelor's degree in the fight: "This fairy, I … I'm ready to shoot him"He said, smiling he worked against his computer. And the big teddy was small because it was small. Her mother associated them with possible sports activities to get tired …

Curious Judoka trains for six hours a day. And today, who will defeat Rinner? A whole country asks this question: Japan. The French returned back last month, only to gauge, but most of them felt it. For the Chief Coach of Japanese Kokushin University "Japan's goal is not to find one, but many judoka can defeat him, we are also making a plan".

> Signing a picture of Gregory Nauboult.

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