Saturday , February 4 2023

Police Details


In relation to the investigation after the complaint, the agents of the Criminal Investigation Division surrendered on June 29, 2019, for about 6 hours, in the city of Diyor, in the city of Diyor, in accordance with the Public Prosecutor's instructions.
Thus, he went to a building that was suggested as the home and business address of the person he wanted. At the spot, his interlocutor who presented himself as Jean Maisa DIop, told him not to live there related. Parallel with the identity, the search in the building room continued to be continued.
It should also be noted that there was no question or violence against the residents of the house during this intervention in accordance with legislative schedules and law.
However, for this misunderstanding, the National Police apologizes to the DIOP family.

Public relations office
National Police

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