Thursday , May 6 2021

President: Hedge investment •

Sheikh Habeebibu Soumhar was elected as the 2019 presidential candidate by the youth of the "Hajibob 2019" movement. They met on 1 SaturdayST In December 2018, the headquarters of the so-called party. "We support and invest in the 2018 presidential election movement, young people of the" Hajibo 2019 "movement, our candidate, President Sheikh Haedejibu Soumour. We advocate young people, future leaders of Senegal, tomorrow leaders, democracy and democracy. We are committed to Senegal of peace and are convinced that President Hadi Shibu Soumar is the person who is Youth spokesman Mohd Dialo said that he can change the road to Senegal and build the country. Mohamed Dialo and his colleagues, at the same time, the federal structure known as Hajibo Coalition Youth Coordination of 2019, As well as creating a network of Coalition Volunteers.

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