Thursday , May 6 2021

Prime Minister Blan Higs attempted to revive Energy East

New Brunswick's new head has tried to revive the Energy East pipeline, even though the original supporter said the project is dead.

After the change in the environmental evaluation process, the National Energy Board released a $ 15.7 billion project a year ago.

But Prime Minister Blanie Higgs and some other leaders and federal politicians are trying to revive the pipeline project as a way to get more crude from western to western refineries, so that exports to overseas markets.

Mr. Higgs said that with Dog Ford's new government, Ontario – does not oppose oil transportation on its territory, and Energy East is getting support in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Mr. Higgs said that he is convinced that Quebec can still be a hindrance and he said that he will be discussing this week with Prime Minister Francois Leigh ault in the Premier meeting in Montreal.

"We are talking about intermittent trade. There are some major issues, and it is one for us. This is an important issue for our province," said Higgs.

The head of New Brunswick said that he had discussed the Energy East with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau two weeks ago. He argued that Mr. Trude had suggested that if Mr Higgs could understand Quebec he would be ready to discuss this again.

However, Transcendada can be the biggest obstacle to taking interest again. The company last year referred to regulatory changes and "new circumstances" for reasons for its withdrawal.

In a statement Transceaidan's communications manager Terry Kunha said that the company's position has not changed.

Mr. Higgs believed that if the holding company was created, then registering with the National Energy Board and starting the process, Transcendada could rejoin.

Federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Sheare was also a big supporter of the Energy East and said that the federal Conservatives would try to revive the project.

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