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Prix ​​de Tonak-Villeneuve: Laurama Falcao defeats Face Time Bourbon!

Prix ​​de Tonak-Villeneuve: Laurama Falcao defeats Face Time Bourbon!

They were fourteen in Pricks de Tonak-Villeneuve (3 years – 2.175 meters – Group II). Three weeks after the Face of the Year Three years of Bourbon, after three weeks of demonstration, Sebastien Guarato waited for the second victory of a champion run. Finally, he could not beat Laurema Falcao's attack in the final.

Proposed on 1.3 / 1, few people imagine Face Time Bourbon
(12 – B Gop)
Looked like a repayment of 3 criteria
Year Confronted with Deferets "army", trained by champion
Sebastian Guarato had his first real defeat (he was
Winsons win after their inspection after checking for gates).
Whose fault? One Laurama Falcao (1 – A Barrier). Inappropriate at the beginning
Critium Course, Resident of the theory of Dualdestin A.
Extraordinary exhibition is a loss of Hindus and causes today
Surprised by winning 48/1 Slowly near the nose two
Wind, the son of Uniclove, joins Face Time Bourbon at the top of the wheel
Race without a train before conquering his tenancy in the last century
The meter is about. Due to Suspension, Anthony's Day-Only Drive
Barrier was happy: " After his mistake in Critrium,
It was very good and the theory confirmed good form at home. This is
A horse that chooses to launch from a very far away. I was also good for two
Just on the fourth row, the wind nose on the rope I started to trust the entrance
With a straight line, badgearne was no better than me. Then, this
Courage to speak It's not surprising, he showed beautiful things
Before "

Björn Göp was not really disappointed at second place
Face Time Bourbon: "It runs well but the other is going well.
It has the right to lose. She lives in a champion. "

After the future winner, Bis Split (11 – F.
He bravely rescues himself to the end but must be left
Third place Lorolt's Fakir (8-F. Lanku), Comes from the second part
Peloton ends very well. This is definitely the beautiful note of this test.
Disappointment with Felicianian (7-E. Rafin), Which can not speed the line
True, adjusting for the fifth position is being adjusted Fanny's
Rex (3 – F. Nivard)

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07/01/2016 08:30:00 CET

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