Sunday , January 24 2021

Prix ​​Emanuel Margoti (G.I.I.), Friday Winsense (R-1). Gotal, got 5 out of 5?

Philip Aller Can hold well Emanuel Margit AwardThe first GII, the 2-year-old trotors of the winter meeting reserved for young promotions The master of young shoots shaped art, and quickly raises them at the highest level, the coach is actually counted on an inefficient person. Gottle (408-photo). Four species, never lost the defeat of the son Ready cache And Sanawa Do not be surprised by signing a new win, especially because it should not be upset by the Great Track Vincent.

Their fellow professionals Gatesby Perin (407), Prix Louise Caucois and Aresi (Gr.III), and their Dr. Dolphin Get Happy (404) Those who have three successes in six races, they can also nurture legitimate aspirations.

This strong delegation was faced with "Allier" Park General (406) And Royal Warrior (405), Respectively, at the end of November, third and fourth positions of the Oracy Prize, Target Gladiator (403)After getting good results in such a society, trying to support the comparison.

Prix ​​Emanuel Margoti departs: 14h50, on Friday Winsense (R-1).

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