Monday , January 25 2021

Professor Mary Tove Nia sponsors four fields of Odyssey and invites young people to develop a cult of excellence.

Professor Mary Tove Nia delivered the delivery of sports equipment equipment to the Audiovie Zone 4 St. Louis Stearying Committee and the finalists of the 2018 edition, which has now sponsored for two years. Wherever he went with his delegation, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation spoke to young people. After hearing religiously about the representatives of the districts and cultural organizations of these districts and other leaders, their concerns and their perceptions are consistent with their ideology, at the Neighborhood level of Drauguin and Leonona. In both sport and education, they live with young people to support them. That's why he invited them to stay on this path always, but especially to play their role in society, to develop a cult of excellence.

Through this sponsorship, Professor Marie Tove Nien wants to show that healthy and ambitious youth have the ability to support all areas as it will also affect the future of their locality, but it will also affect people's daily lives. Which it develops. The beneficiaries of this initiative, especially these final teams, have been praised by young boys and girls, who thanked the sponsor for donating equipment and other financial aids made available to them. Appreciate this gesture of high social importance, but women, many of whom had to expand this beautiful example of generosity Professor Niani. It should be noted that the era Saint-Louis's former Rector has identified popular championships this year as Navettes in general, which has allowed to sponsor 4 parts of the city (Zones 3, 4, 6 and 9) and all these youths are allowed to play these games Flowers and flowers from cultural organizations throughout the holidays

Many other activities for the youth of the CM2 classes in the St. Louis section (10,000 students) were organized by Professor Marie Tove Nien and supported them, a wish that would always be carved for people's memory.

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