Friday , January 15 2021

Rapper Chris Brown accused of rape crime in Paris

A twenty-four year old woman, after meeting her at Discoctu, accused American star of sexual assault on her in Paris last week and then invited her to the hotel room. The proceedings have begun flaggency investigations. Former Rihanna was detained by the judicial police in Paris.

The facts took place from January 15 to 16. According to Clozer, during one night at Club Le Crystal on the shores of Champs Elysie, singer Chris Brown met many young women. He then invited him to accompany him to his Sweet Mandarin Orient located in the first district of Paris, due to being alone with them in twenty-four year olds. Rihanna's former wife raped her. In his testimony, the police accused the young woman Chris Brown's friends and raped her in Bodyguard. He was put in police custody on Monday morning by the Paris Judicial Police on January 21. His bodyguard and one of his friends were also interrogated.

This is not the first time when rapper sees himself in the heart of the court case. According to May, according to the New York Times, US After registering the complaint, a nine-year-old star was involved in another rape case. In 2017, a "young adult" was detained for a night at Chris Brown's house when she was forced to surrender after seizing her phone. Woman of the singer's friend, rapper Lowell Grissom and a nickname "Dr. X", raped her many times. If Brown is not directly charged with rape, then the young woman blames him for buying cocaine, moli (ecstasy variant) and other guests of his guests, so invite them to enjoy. He also got stars in nightclub.

For the Parisian relation, Chris Brown and his agency did not comment on new allegations against him at the moment. After filing a complaint, the lawyer of Paris started a flaggent investigation. Crime or crime crime is defined as any offense or offense that has been done or has just been done. The judicial police is now responsible for conducting investigations for eight days on the basis of law. If further investigation is needed, it will be possible to add an additional eight days.

In France, there is a 15-year sentence for rape.

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