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Red cards and penalties: Gons and Greens criticize referees

Against the unsatisfactory, starting on the 14th day of L1 (1-0), the second half got a boost in the Derby on Friday to defeat St-ATN. Lyonnais temporarily takes 2 places behind PSG.


OL is merit to be consistent with the least incompatibility. There are only those who give threads in the Leonous season. Before the international conflict (2-4) as a gengump, they did not perform well in the first half of the derby against Friday's Saint-ATN, starting on 14th of L1 (1-0). And in the Gingamp, they showed a more triumphant face in bisectors and in the second period showed glamor in the game, which, once the gonza's momentum, can once again win all the logic of the greens at the expense of the greens. Unbeaten after losing to Perk des Princes, who have their only defeat in the last 14 games in all competitions, Bruno Janeszio's men have temporarily reached the second spot in the standings behind the PSG. But it is not certain that they will stay to the end if they do not get rid of their anxiety irregularities.

In the last two games, O.L. In the 3-4-3 set, the ASSE was opposed to the comparative system, which was already used in Paris for the season (4-0). And similar to what Greens suggested in the capital, it was the same who led the debate during the first act. Due to Lyonis they had left unemployed possession to run between better pick and lines, this pair-Arrow-Nombebie missed the loss of the ball and later left Boulevard. Because of the rush of Marcelo, all the guards of Old return to the front as soon as they were forced, opened open holes for Stéphanees. Later, despite the two franchise opportunities, Anthony Lops did his second worst score in the first stage, with a minimum of only two shots in the first stage, limited in 2018. The championship, Gonce has passed the top speed of returning to the locker room.

In the Nile Fakir Relay, people and local people injured by Maxwell Cornette's entry, pressure in the absence of visitors' fans, and the real pressure did not force the derby's inappropriate atmosphere, to become more technologically, the duels started winning. He took only 15 minutes to approve this high point, and Rafael's stupid expulsion changed the course of the match, even though some cold sweats on the surface for 20 minutes. O.L. Stefanoes may have been fined even if an open action has been proved for the dispute without provocation. Unable to compete in extra time like last season, greens are due to be 5th of their L5 at their place. In 2018-19 they have lost three matches, which are in the top three matches. Leonis is much less readable. It makes them dangerous. As much as the others for yourself

Match movie

22th minute
Bass Recovery of St.-ATN, which represents Counter Flash with Selenas. Before serving on the left cabella, the Greens midfielder was determined, whose center was found by the left side behind the Marcelo in the pencil box. The recovery of Stryker Stephen's head is powerful, even though it starts the full axis, and forces the ablopes on a bigger flight to remove the ball from the bottom of its bar.

30th minute
A free kick for ASSE, following Dyney Roeblay Fayl on Dion. At the left corner of the surface, Khasri covers its center in the far-flung, where Debi is the only one to resume. He misses his head, but he ignores the ball from the shoulder and he Lops empties a huge reflex point to save themselves.

60th minute
F. Mandy Law Center for Dip, which controls the chest at the surface entrance. Then he uses Ruffell's wrong appeal to take the opportunity. His cross shot from the right, a few minutes later, & # 39; V & # 39; Touched by, it goes right to the left side of the rafter.

62nd minute (1-0)
Depth sends a very sharp center from left to right at the bottom corner. In the first post, Denier Cut cleans Mark, and passes Coloziusjacz and Mavila in place of Recovery Recovery, leaving no chance for Rufier.

68th minute
Free kick for Leon Moving right, Deppe turned its center that again resumed on the penalty box. But the middle head recovery of OL to defeat Rafter is slightly blurred.

70th minute
Red card for Raphael. In exceptional circumstances where there is no reason for such sensation, click on the Brazilian side & # 39; Villa & # 39; On the very unexpected airborne weapons have started. It is logically excluded by the referee.

82nd minute
Counter-attails spread four out of four against Leon, four times with a stick with corn. The blow of the body and the kidneys, Depressar to Aur Debebi and sends center-shots on which the old Messi is too short to push the ball into another goal in the second goal.

Top and flops

Top 3

During the first half hour, Ron's 117th derby course would have been changed without two corrupt stops of ALOPEES. Regularly this season, the Portuguese goalkeeper has forgotten his team's defensive concerns. Later the unemployed, till the end of the match, again innocent.

Two faces shown by OL are not more symbol than AOUAR. Wise at the first stage, he took advantage of the big movement around him to lure his targets and after the locker room to shine. He was very accurate in all his work and kept the control of valuable balloons. L1 is not far away from registering fourth goal.

By inserting breaks due to FEKIR's little success and physically declining, Cornnet has brought some tone to the OL attack. He excited the ball with his calls and his speed, in which he had added a technological quality that sometimes lacks. On collective service according to requirements including collective minority.

Fall 3

like this. Debel still does not get his place in the OLE attack. Aligned to the tip, it touches only 12 small balloons more than one hour and has not been successful in using it, especially in the absence of technical expertise. The minimal impact on the events, often like this season.

But what happened to Raphael's head? The Brazilian side broke the complete work on Mavila, who was dismissed as rude as a fool. Without the result for OL, it may be heavy except for the next suspension. But this out-of-touch gesture unnecessarily puts his team in jeopardy, which has so far spoiled the fascinating performance.

Recovery and troubles in his intervention during the first trimester of one hour, then Colozius JK began to finish better in the first phase. But after half-a-minute it was returned and Leon has forgotten to mark Denair on the sole goal of the night.

Referee report

Antoni Gautier has mastered her subject in the derby, which does not have magnitude on the field and at least during the first period. The referee logically dismissed Rafael, but on Yantis Sillibur, Lukas missed the penalties for a foul by Taussett, Saint-Etienne, which was in excellent condition to score.

Match sheet

L1 (14th day) / Lion – St-Etienne: 1-0

Geoffroy-Guichard (about 58,000 spectators)
Rainy weather – good loan
Referee : like this. Gautier (5)

Goal : Denier for Leon (62nd)

Alerts : Dannere for Lien (42nd) – Monet-Pectet (39th) for St.-ATN and Kolodiejsk (89th)

Expulsion : Raphael (70th) for Leon

Allops (7) – Denier (6), Marcelo (5), Marcel (6) – Raphael (4), Nombele (6), Aure (6), F. Mandy (6) – Ficker (cap) (4) Then cornet (46 m / 6), like this. Debel (3) Then Touzert (73m), Depp (5) And B. Thrower (90th)

Not participating : like this. Gorgeelin (G), Tate, PC Diep, Terrier
Coach B. Onesia

Rapier (cap) (5) – Debbuchi (5), Sabotic (5), Krodzezek (4) – Monet-pack (5) After Humaum (68), Celenas (6) Then Barrick (78th), Mavila (5), G. Silva (5) – Cabela (4) – Khazari (5), Dioni (4) Then Salibur (68)

Not participating : J. Moulin (G), Saliba, Dissi, Nordin
Coach Which L. Gassette

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