Saturday , April 1 2023

See the response of Yusosso Town for the match


Malware: Launched by Radio Mamdou Ibrah Kane and Co radio, radio stations, especially RFM, e. Competition between radio was also tight.

Much inspiring, Yuzosso Ndour, certainly paid a wide range of viewers and raised money to "heavy" devices to attract audiences from RFMs.

Of course, our colleagues at the Dakarpost of Madinah's noble tradition, the latest instrument of the Katamini, took a step forward.

Furthermore, in his waiting room the equipment was installed in the living room. Technical experts and pizases can be copied to find time to learn the last acquisition of the same level of European antennas. Or American.

In short, "you", which intend to start other findings, put the package to continue on top.

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