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Serie A – Fiorentina: Two (new) Heavers in the federation


The PSG will be interested in the Eurian Rock Eric Bailey. AC Milan is preparing major plans to hire Benedicí. The Italian Nigerian Wattford, Türki Okkaka, called for Fülham. Our Mercuto newsletter here.

PSG: Eric Bailey Infrastructure?

Of course, it does not have to be big deposits, but during the winter Mercutio, Paris Saint-Germain will try to make some changes in its work force. Priority is likely to attract a long time but PSG will try to strengthen security in defense.

The FIG Daily MailThe head of the club's capital, Eric Bailey, would have taken interest. In the summer of 2016, Manchester United reached the United States. Ivory International is 24 years since the beginning of the season. Horse Mourinho does not consider him right now. It plays only three times in the Premier League.

Now with the selection of Ivory Coast, BGServille Native can tempt you to find a way out of mercado in the winter, since 2019 will be able to go to Guinea as CAN qualifiers. Two teams from London, Arsenal and Tottenham will be able to follow beside PSG. You can see whether Red Devils can easily be separated from a player trained in Espanyol Barcelona. It was recruited for € 38 million.

AC Milan: The Medi refused a offer to Benignia

The Moroccan International Center Defender Medi Beniati (31 Years) was in agreement with Eurotus Tour until June 2020. Rosseneri would have started a relationship with the loan application, who would like to strengthen their racquard. The purchase option was a must for 15 million euros along with an operation, but the Old Lady did not continue.

A bag from Kirkornis's bag would take five times this season at Seri A. But the tour leaders were little. The English teams, including Arsenal, will also be interested in Bayern Munich's former player profile. In France (Marseille, Tours, Lorient, Clermont) made his debut with Roma and Udinees.

WATFOD: Chaluku at the summer of summer

With the agreement, Wattford will also have a relationship with Italian international striker Stefano Okáka (29) and Fullhamha to 2021. According to TamworthThe new manager of Cottagers, Claudio Roneri, tried to get back to Winter Mercutio.

Although both have now worked together on a rollover basis, take a loan with an option to buy. Two years ago, he recruited six million euros, and does not intend to remain adventurous with the native heresy of Lagos.

Anthony Modest F. F. Return to the Cologne

Anthony Modest (30) officially returned to Europe after being declared Super Liga and Bundesliga in the next weeks.

The former club was found by French striker Colonel after the defeat of Tianjin Kwajyans. Former player of Nice, Bordeaux and Hoffenhamham won the German team for the German team until June 2023.

According to Marc Anfang, Janas Hector from Canon will find Timo Hanoo.

AS Rome: Is Daniel Di Rossi an extension and a rejection?

At the end of his contract with Rome, his long-time club Daniel de Rosi (Seeners) won the season.

He is designated as an initiative, a primarily prince, led by his father, Alberto. The Gliorose Project, Corriere Delo Sports.

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