Sunday , May 22 2022

Singer Loic Nottat does not feel like this now! (Photo)


In the 6th season the general people knew him brown Dancing with the stars He also won on TF1, along with dancer Denits Echinomova. But fans of the Loic Nets were surprised at the start of this week by looking at social networks: If their hair color has not changed, then the Belgian vocalist Platinum becomes golden! He revealed this new look on the cover of his new single, On Fire, Which will be released this Friday, November 30th. Holding Loic Note She speaks all the fading more strongly: her sweater and her attire are your on-tone with her hair.

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On Instagram, her public is raving about this hair change. "Dim, hair color","I like your hair","It is well suited to you"… but that's the announcement of this new title that makes them all things!"I'm ready","I think I'll cry","I'll spend the most beautiful days","I am very enthusiastic, am happy with this wonderful news"… this new title will be released after one and a half years Selfocracy, Not the very first album Loic Note Which was painted excellent Million eyes. Wait, wait more than 4 days!

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