Wednesday , January 20 2021

STQ can offset some costs related to shutting down the F-A-Gautier

Martin Oullet, a member of Mattel-Metapedia, Pascal Barubay and Rene Levesque, last week asked that such compensation would be paid to affected companies.

This is a delicate situation, it is a delicate request that needs analysis. So we're going to do that, we're analyzing it all. And certainly we will announce our decision.

Alexandr Levo, Public Relations Manager at Society des Traversers du Quebec

F-A-Gauthier, which normally operates the sea link between Metne, Godbout and Bay-Kaimau, is now in process for a week and a half.

F. A. Gauthier at Quai Di MatneF. A. Gauthier Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Francois Daschenes

Crown Corporation refuses to tell how much amount of billing is made for alternative options available to users of F-A-Gautier.

We follow them very closely [les dépenses]It's for sure. However, we will not comment on the cost until we get the full cost limit at the end of the temporary operation.

Alexandr Levo, Public Relations Manager at Society des Traversers du Quebec

Include an aircraft from one of these solutions, which has been chartered for about three weeks. According to Alexandre Levoy, 4,500 airline tickets were booked during this period.

This aircraft has been added to CTMA Vacancies, which is F. a. Gautier will change on Tuesday

To find the problem, Ferry's dry docking and repairs will be added to the amount to be paid to the STQ.

F. a. What happens to Gothier Employees?

FA-A-Gauthier left Matt on Friday to make room for CTMA Reckoner on Sunday, which will replace him on 8 January. STQ ships must go to Davy Shipyard in Lewis to find out the source of its problem.

Fifty employees are still on the ferry. They take advantage of this stop-off service to perform maintenance work.

Half of them will be in the mate. The vast majority will be transferred to a replacement vessel.

In the second half the shipyard will continue to work on the ferry during their stay.

We will actually take the compulsory stop to take care of maintenance programs among others, the maintenance done here on the next dry dock, it is a spring plan.Says Alexandr Lavoie.

FA Have a tugboat sail. GautierF. a. Must be tied together. Gethrier is moving forward between Baye-Kamou and Lewis. Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Francois Dascheng

Before going on to Lewis Shipyard on 14th January, F. a. Gautier Bae-Camayu Wharf will spend a few days.

During these passengers, if the vessel faces technical problems on the road, he will come with a tug.

CTMA can change the vacancies F-A. Gautier by February Then it will have to return to the Magdalen Islands to schedule coastal connectivity between Cap-aux-Mayulos and Soris.

According to a report by Jean-Francois Daschenes

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