Saturday , January 16 2021

Sunny cloudy cloud has been announced for the next 24 hours

Dakar, January 6 – In the next 24 hours, sunny, cloudy sky will dominate the sky in most countries, but in some places dark clouds will be present, a national agency news agency said. Civil Aviation and Meteorology (ANACIM).

According to weather forecasts, "The heat sensation will continue within the region, especially in the eastern areas where the maximum temperature will change between 35 and 41 degrees Celsius."

On the contrary, they add, along the coast, the weather will be relatively mild to Maxi, not more than 32 degrees C.

The same source says, "The minimum temperature will be between 14 and 19 degree Celsius," the same source says, 'fresh night & morning freshness will look slightly, which will generally be good. & # 39; Wind will be from north to northeast and lighter to moderate intensity.

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