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T1431 / 13 Marked Market, 39 398 639 004 SA received BBA as the first cost of fcfa.


Frica parliamentary announcement was checked.

What are his proofs?

We had suggested that these checks should be checked in "Central State Continued Budget".

We sent messages sent to primary General Secretariat of Government . We are still waiting for their answers.

What is that?

In a letter to the media, on October 4, 2014, the Minister of Culture, Abdul Latif Kaulibali, chairman of the Steering Committee for Rehabilitation of Government Building, the then Government Secretary.

After the completion of the formalities regarding recognition, "the contract is registered and the rehabilitation activities are executed, and they cover the entire building of the building for a 17 billion CFA franchise.

The Central Directorate of Public Prosecution (DCMP) of Africa Check 2013 has reviewed the project's cost, especially the database of all quarterly bulletins. The fourth year of contracts from 2013 to 2013 2015 , 2016 And 2017 .

There are no four Relationship Off 2014 Not to mention the revival of the administration.

In accordance with the activities, a contract was signed by the BA as the BBA as "30 446 138 298 CFA Franc" (including all taxes) for a program entitled "Administrative Building Rehabilitation and Extension" titled in 2013.

"Deligued Project Management Agreement on the Project's Supervision and Monitoring for Direction in Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Derar in Dakar" 2015 "Government's Preliminary / General Secretariat"Public Works Execution Agency (AGETIP) including taxes for 466,000,000 CFA francs.

Rehabilitation & Extension

In 2016, a company was granted to Banda Natalie SAS for rehabilitation and expansion of administrative building. This includes 2,048,955,508 CFAs

The second amendment to the Administrative Rehabilitation and Extension of the Acts 2017 was received in the SAA River at 6,437,545,198 Francs.

African Check, Various Contracts and Riders have been spent by the Premier / General Secretariat Agreement.

For further details, we contacted you West African Development Bank (BOAD), which is Funding of the project , The Senegal State Signatory Loan Agreement, as well as the applicable Interest Rate. We are awaiting this agency's answer.

CONCLUSION: The statement is global

Mamadou MP MP Lamine Diallo said the cost of building administrative building in Senegal has increased from $ 17 billion to CFAF by more than 40 billion.

Official Documents for African Checks 39 billion 398 million 639 CFA Franc (including all taxes) The current cost of current rehabilitation, announced by Government Secretary General Abdul Latif Kaulibali in 2014 at the initial cost of the project (17 billion CFA franchises).

So the statement of MP Mamdo Lamine Deolo is generally true.

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