Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Burkina Faso government demanded the withdrawal of fuel prices


"Unexpectedly, the Burkina Faso government approved Thursday the Thursday's amendment to Thursday's reopening of the price of Hydro carbon price on Thursday, November 8," the UPA wrote in his statement.

In the signature of the UPA's National Political Bureau on November 9, 2018, Barkinabi met with a 75% increase in the price of 75 FCFPAs for economic, development, petrol and diesel prices, up 14%.

This criterion is located within the complex struggle of the People's Movement for Progress (MPP) since the days of the state.

This unilateral and unexpected government decision on the backs of Burkina Faso is like a propaganda. He said an analysis of the state of the country and the state of the MPP could be done.

That is why the UPP "MPP has decided to discontinue the harsh diesel price of diesel for rising power exchanges and invites him to suspend him."

After November 2018, the Super-Star 91L has maintained the 602 FCFA 677 FCF and diesel 526 FFA for two years. Now FCF 75F,

Last Thursday, the Minister of Communications and Communications, Remice Phulzons Dungeau explained that there is a number of factors including fuel prices, including insights, that know about the adverse weather conditions of the international market, which is a time-consuming increase.

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