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The end of the year is animation jusling – 26/11/2018

Carito Senegal Christmas Market will have the opportunity to buy craft from this part of Africa. / Photo Archives P. H).

Carito Senegal Christmas Market will have the opportunity to buy craft from this part of Africa. / Photo Archives P. H).

The month of November is almost over and as early as Christmas approaches, all the animations in the city are passionate. There is something for everyone Announcement of the announcement of the announcement. Non-Complete Listings!

African Christmas Carito Senegal Maritime-Claude O'Hearer, president of Carita Senegal, offers African craft sales every year from this corner of Africa. The exhibition will be held on 1st and Sunday on 2nd December in front of the Falayloras (next to the Post Office) in the Franquet Room. The Association has planned another exhibition – Sale Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 21st and Saturday 22nd December, including Place Wilson in Egene. Most items (basketry, jewelry, textiles, wood, clothes, harem pants, dresses etc.) will be offered at all prices. "Good gift ideas for Christmas while doing good things, we benefit from improving the living conditions of the sponsor slum village." Thank you for supporting us. "Information: 06 16 70 49 70.

Antoine Fourth time, Antonio returns to Galilean on Monday, November 26, 20th, as part of the Connieses du Monde. On this extraordinary evening, it will reveal to the Caribbean for a cruise. Price: 10 €. Reservation: 05 53 95 61 09.

Loto Hunting company organizes lottery, village hall, Friday, November 30, at 21 o'clock. It has 700 € gift vouchers and many other prizes. Eight parts 1 € box, 10 € bar box Drink, coffee, pancakes

" Panic at the Plaza ". As part of its twenty-fifth anniversary, Amistate invited Oak's actors to Gallen on Thursday, November 29, 29. At 8.30 in the morning, Caspontine plays the troupe Rey Connie's delightful game "Punnic O Plaza". Rate: Entrance 14 €; Group: € 11; Adolescents: € 7; Baby: Free. 06 86 92 25 16. Reservations at P.

Christmas Market. For the second year, in partnership with the municipality, the Christmas Market, powered by Foulourens Animation, will be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday December 2 at the city center Place de la Marie. Many exhibitors (regional producers, art craftsmen, etc.) will be present. Santa Claus has planned an initial route. The inauguration of the wine by the municipality is inaugurated on Saturday, December 1, at 12 o'clock. The traditional cabbage soup by Daniel Mayer and the Christmas Stew menu will be on. Information 06 37 59 59 34 or 06 75 98 47 51

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