Thursday , June 8 2023

The National Technical Committee on Strategy of "Naaks Na" was held at KOLDA


Encourage good quality of telecommunication service

ARTP is made available to the general public:

1. A green number: Prophet 800 200 200

This toll free number 2013 is intended for the Poppen mobile and internet service users during the pilgrimage. Operators such as Orange, Tiggo and Express enable them to capture the RDP if they have errors or disturbances.

You can call the toll free 800 200 200 to deal with the following issues:

  • Difficulties to make or receive calls;
  • Difficult to send or receive SMS;
  • Difficult to access the Internet from your mobile phone or internet key;
  • Communication rooms;
  • Or any other fault or harassment on mobile phone networks.

For any other complaint (commercial aspects, recharge card, billing, call control, etc), please contact your operator's customer service category.

Number 800 200 200 From within Saturday 18 May 2013, from 10 am to Monday.

2. A technical team of ARTP will remain in Pope BBQ:

To ensure the quality of services like orange, tigo and express, the ARPT team regularly performs good tests in poppen and surroundings. They will constantly connect with operators. Suitable solutions if you are uncomfortable.

The RPI wants a good Marine pilgrimage to the Catholic community.

Abu Law, Director General

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