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"This is the first time I talk about something real,


After abandoning all of his achievements, the script writer Kivu marks a comic character condemning genocide in the Congo.

I can not put words out because of the reasons I have rejected me to write this fact. His 79th birthday, Jean Van Hammim, is suspected. He has signed the biggest success of the comic book in the last 30 years. It is difficult to explain the reason why Rwandan's genocide in the area of ​​DRC was signed in the name of "Kiv" which he responded to. "This album is almost an order," says Belgian. Dr. K. It was one of my friends who convinced me about the activity of the MacUG. But I initially refused the plan. Before I can imagine it through imagination, it helps me to get out of trouble. "

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"Agriculture" describes the economic story of this agricultural province. That's harmful to big reserves such as colton and cereals to add mobile phones. "Rwandan genocide" "Van Humm says," the reversal of the Kiwi genocide. At first, they tried to prevent rape and arrest of women. Then they brought them and their children to mines. For this famous coltan to sell, this material is the first exporter, even without his land in Rwanda. Van Ham signed a punch album with the help of designer Cristio Simon and still performs a dramatic play. "I use fiction to defame it, but this is the first time I talk about the reality, but who's interested in the beach, except Apple?" A friend told me, "My cell phone is raping a kid all the time." "

Since 1977, Jean van Hum is a comic strip.

Since 1977, Jean van Hum is a comic strip. © Cleaver Delfino / Paris Match

After the torch of "Thorgal", "XIII" and "Largo Winch", van Hammé thinks we should not make chains, but a series of slavery is a series of comics. Also, the author of the script writes: "Kivu" is a month's half Li asked. "There was a good sign. There is a problem when I work on script for three or four months. Think about the latest work in "Larjo Winchin", which he wrote in 2015, after a few forced and compulsory, after completion of verse 20. "My relationship with Philip Frank became worse, and if anyone fails, I would have been able to continue," Frank said, "I do not want to take him away, and I want to abandon myself in the Largo." In the 1980s, I want to live happily, and I do not want to fight anyone.


Contemporary comics have a lack of imagination. There are more novels or biographies. It's a bit sad to get out of the imagination


Finally, van Humman was able to join hands, tell him to "Thorgal" or "XIII" with different eggs, which are free from any hurdle. "My favorite character was Torgal first, but Roseski was not my friend, but I'm very close to his wife," XIII, "I put the book" Memory in the skin ", after Bruno's decision in Brazil, was a way of working for Vince "XIII" worked, and it became just a matter of opportunism, with no interest in William Vance Inavumilla. "We need to pularttenta relationship with his karttunisrrukalumayulla," says van to go. Even better when you smile … "

"Kivu", ed. The locker, € 14.99. © DR

No, in fact, the man is a "shots" or "Sos joy" or "barley", "I'm the best" from his career. In the series "XIII Mystery", he also signed the verse of the 13th edition of "The Judith Warner" by Van Humcke. "XIII" was stopped twelve years ago. The public will not recollect the intent of conspiracies, micro ports, and stories here. This pillar of Darjud or Lombard editions, "Contemporary stories can not be clearly understood: there are more novels or biographies, but it's a little sad to abandon imagination, so I'm not reading comics again and I love Ken Follet's historical novels."


The advantage of talent is that I do not have a great hard work


In fact, Van Hummie knows this, the last of the folks, the old screenwriter who is constantly on the back of the old cartoonists, "yes, he says, my name is sold". A seller of 100 million comics shows a stranger when one of the successes of his success. "It's my abilities, it's my job to allow me not to work hard, but I do not intend to stop working, I'm really eager to write a masterful book, and you will never do it." "My age does not seem to me because I'm running away." My wife is older than I am I'm worried about her, but she always agrees to go on a trip, his dramas, her secret errors, and what's missing her when she was 2 years old? "Honestly," said the former businessman, "I do not think I'm missing out. I am an early bird, and I've been a countdown for a long time. But I did not work for forty-two years. It's well suited to me. "

"XIII Mystery, Volume 13: Judith Warner", ed. DARJOUSE, 12 EURO. © DR

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