Thursday , June 8 2023

Total green results in the first half


Best Performance by a Companion of the Total Group in Senegal According to the company's report, in the first half of 2018, the CFFA's $ 5,407 billion or nearly 9,191 million dollars was generated in the pre-tax. This is an expression of the flexibility of Senegal officials. It was 2,392 billion CAAs more than a year ago. Franchises (3,015 billion CFA Francs in the first half of 2017) increased operations. Earlier tax revenue was 79.3 per cent.

Senegal, which opened in June 2017, made a 217 percent increase in revenue from previous taxes. There were 184.892 billion francs. A year ago, on June 30, 2017, the CFRA Fraak of 152,488 Billion rupees. According to SIAM, according to the management, total domestic shipments grew by 16.9% to 303,680 tonnes, as against 263,306 tonnes in the January-June quarter of 2018. Period of 2017.

It is a dynamic to maintain

In the strength of its results, the French group announced its dynamic talent jointly with dynamism and how its teams would be known. Senegal has indicated that the plan should allow the company to continue the same plan by enhancing its product in a market in the distribution of fuels.

Senegal is also a network of 175 service stations in Senegal. By 2015, the share of the group was 69.1 per cent. The retail stock exchange (BRVM) came into existence.

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